Mirek Kosík

choreographer, freestyler, judge and mentor

Universality is the key. It is the main motto of Mirek Kosík. He is a universal dancer, performer, choreographer, freestyler, judge and mentor. Graduate in Galen Hooks program for the selected - GHM PRO in New York. Member of The Room in Kolanie Marks program in L.A.

He is the winner of the world championship in Hip Hop and absolute winner of Dancer of the Year 2021. Commercially he performs and choreograph in TV Shows: The Voice, Your Face sounds Familiar, Global Social Awards, Miss Supernational etc..

Amongst dancing and shows Mirek has worked commercially for numerous stars like Mikolas Josef, Nico Santos, Genny Ciatti, Lara Morr, Justin Jesso, ADONXS, Jiří Korn etc. Member of the famous Czech contemporary company Cirk La Putyka and Dekkadancers.