Stefano Silvino

choreographer and teacher

Stefano starts his career as a dancer in Italy and in Germany. Than he started dancing in Rozbark Dance Teatr (Poland) with the choreographers Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben and Anna Piotrowska. Later he moved to Warsaw where he took part of of SYTYCD winning the 9th edition of the known TV program in 2016. In 2018 he got in semifinal in World of Dance. Since then he started working as choreographer for TV, theater´s productions and commercials.

He continued working as well as a dancer in Opera Theater with Weronika Pelczynska, Agnieszka Glinska, Mariusz Trelinski and Jacek Przybylowicz. He produced performances as SHE WAR SAW and also he worked in residencies with other artists such as Michal Goral with UNCOMMODUM and Monika Szpunar with PRZESADA. Stefano has been assisting choreographer in Skanes Dansteater (Sweden) for Erika Silgoner in May 2022 during the production ´Wild Fellas` performance.

He is about to start his new chapter as assistant choreographer for Erika Silgoner in Scapino Dance Ballet (Netherland) for a new production with premiere on the 8th of April 2023. Currently is working as a dance teacher leading workshops around Europe.